Published in October 2015, Go Get Gorgeous is Kim’s tribute to the confident, stylish women he has the privilege of working with, giving them the tools to achieve incredible, yet believable, beauty.

“When it comes to hair, it is Kim Robinson for Hong Kong. Everyone can have great looking hair provided she has a good cut. Within this book, Kim tells us how. It is the ideal guidebook for discerning women who care about their appearance.”

– Baroness Lydia Dunn

“I never worry about my hair, as it is always Kim who takes care of it! He really is a master.”

– Brigitte Lin

“Kim is always the man “behind the scenes”, creating my look with me. I don’t know what I would do without him!”

– Sandy Lam

“I am lucky enough to call Kim one of my best friends. He is a great man, and a true hair maestro.”

– Bonnae Gokson


To mark three decades transforming the Asian beauty scene, and to celebrate his enduring love affair with oriental beauty, Kim published his luxurious opus 30 Years of Orient Beauty in 2004.

Showcasing the evolution of beauty across the region, the exquisitely designed volume includes a beautifully curated collection of images of some of the most stunning women of our time. Amongst the hundreds of images, the book features Kim’s inspirational muses including the legendary Anita Mui and Sandy Lam, Eurasian beauty Terri Hollady, and talented actress Rosamund Kwan.