Hair Services

The kimrobinson signature dry cut is an impeccably precise method of cutting, requiring an expert eye and an intimate understanding of the science of hair.

Hair is cut dry, allowing the kimrobinson artist to see its natural flow – how it moves and falls, tumbles and cascades. Combined with seamless layering and expert multi-dimensional multi-shading, the finished look is one of modern, refined beauty with effortless cleanse-and-go ease which lasts long after leaving the salon.

kimrobinson signature multi-shading elevates colour to new heights, creating a rich, bespoke style.

Requiring an artist’s eye and the brushstrokes of a master, up to a dozen complementary shades are skilfully woven into the hair, creating a multi-dimensional style and a luxurious, glossy look.

An expertly curated selection of treatments dedicated to scalp and hair wellbeing restores and revitalizes, while the luxurious state-of-the-art private treatment rooms bring an immense feeling of calm and well-being.

All treatments are individually prescribed, with customized therapies to meet your needs and your lifestyle. Popular treatments include the signature kimrobinson restructure and retexture, ideal for stressed and over-styled hair.