HRF Treatment Institute

At kimrobinson, we are deeply passionate about helping you to achieve the fuller, healthier hair that you desire. Our care does not just stop as soon as you walk out of the door – we want to help you to maintain usage of the HRF system, and to ensure that you are happy with your new regime.


Our highly trained staff from our HRF Treatment Institute will stay in contact with you, help you with any questions you might have, and check in with you.


We can precisely record your progress in the salon with our advanced magnified capillascope, so that we can analyze your improvement together, and our powerful in-salon lasers are available for boost appointments to supplement your home laser therapy.


Please schedule a checkup four weeks after starting the program and then every four to six weeks after that. Digital pictures are taken every three months so checkups at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months are very important to track your progress.


Salon Services


When using the HRF® system, it is important to measure the progress of the hair regrowth, not just for morale but also to record and thus analyze the improvement. Inside kimrobinson salons, we offer an advanced method of scalp analysis which takes precise measurements, highly magnified, of the scalp and emerging hairs. Our trained staff work with you to record your progress at least every three months, and work with you to make sure you stay on track.


In-Salon Laser Therapy

The HRF® Pro Laser Brush is a powerful tool for home laser therapy. However, for a power-up of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to encourage acceleration, or perhaps to kick-start your treatment, we offer boost appointments in our kimrobinson salons using our cutting-edge full-head laser caps.


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