HRF® Pro Laser Brush

HK$ 3300 / SG$ 595

With the HRF® Pro Laser Brush by kimrobinson, everyone can experience ground-breaking laser treatment for hair loss.

Using the latest in Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), the HRF® Pro Laser Brush is a cool laser home treatment which effectively stimulates the scalp and encourages existing hair cells to repair themselves, for thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

The cordless, portable, handheld laser device is convenient for travel or to use in any room at home.

Developed in collaboration with HLCC, a New York trichologist clinic. A leader in the fight against hair loss for more than 20 years, HLCC is the foremost provider of laser therapy for hair loss in the US.


What Does It Do?

The lasers within the HRF® Pro Laser Brush work to effectively prevent and treat thinning hair through the process of LLLT, while the innovative vibrating massage function of the brush works to physically stimulate the scalp and increase microcirculation.


What Is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

LLLT works through the process of photobiotherapy, where laser wavelengths of specific strengths and doses help activate the body’s natural anti-inflammatory, repair and regenerative mechanisms.

  • Photobioactivating hair loss treatment
  • Increases osmotic cellular function
  • Increases protein growth
  • Increases blood and nutrient microcirculation to the hair follicle
  • Increases cellular proliferation
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Switch on the kimrobinson HRF® Pro Laser Brush, and with both the Massage and Laser functions activated, brush through the hair slowly. Ensure that the bristles are touching the scalp for maximum exposure to the laser light. Brush through the hair continuously, concentrating on areas of maximum hair loss, for 5 – 15 minutes.

For best results, use every other day.





Never shine the laser on anyone else. This is not a toy and is not suitable for use by under-12 year olds.

The cool laser within the HRF® Pro Laser Brush works on the scalp with a non-thermal effect, making the laser completely safe for home use. The HRF® Pro Laser Brush fully complies with European standard EN60825 and the regulations of UL, CSA, IMQ, TUV, NEMCO, the International Laser Research Group Association, and the National Institute of Radiation. Laser technology is approved for use under US FDA regulation CDRH Section 21, for use as a Certified Class 11A cosmetic laser.

Our warranty to you

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This product is available at both kimrobinson Hong Kong & Singapore.